100% spring water

Naturally alkaline/Rich mineral profile/Taste of nature

Baata natural spring water boasts a natural alkaline pH of 8.0

Water contains different dissolved elements that influence its pH level. Pure water has a pH level close to 7. Alkaline water has a pH above 7. The pH of distilled water ranges from 5.5 to 5.8 and the pH of reverse osmosis water is around 6.0.

All natural Latvian goodness

Baata natural spring water is a 100% natural spring water. Naturally filtered through sandy Latvian terrain from a protected aquifer and area. The earth’s natural filtration leaves in the recommended amount of minerals and alkalinity which gives our water a unique and refreshing taste.

No Additives/Low in Sodium/Full of energy

Exceptionally pure

Taste the richness of nature in each drop of pure spring water

Mineral analysis (MG/L)

pH (units) 8.0 Total Dissolved Solids 240.0 mg/L
Calcium 59.0 +/- 9 mg/L Sodium 4.2 mg/L
Magnesium <14.0 mg/L Sulphate <10 mg/L
Potassium <2.0 mg/L Iron <0.01 mg/L
Bicarbonate 222.0 mg/L

A symphony of Nature and Technology

The filling process takes place in a clean room environment held to the highest laboratory standards. The water for Baata travels directly from the underground spring into the bottling facility, which maintains a positive air pressure to impede the outside air. The first time Baata natural spring water encounters the open air is when the bottle seal is broken.

Nothing is ever added or taken away


Testing is continually conducted to ensure Baata natural spring water meets top food safety and quality standards. Our products always meet or exceed U.S.A. Food & Drug Administration requirements. The Lielbata spring source and our facility are also regularly inspected by the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service.